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Although I wanted to get into thatching almost from the time I left school, this was not because of a family tradition of thatching.  My family has a medical background through both mother and father and my brother is a practicing doctor so I can safely say that I ploughed my own furrow.

I like to finish a job in a time which the client is happy with.  If this is not possible or there are other time constraints, I have access to a select group of very experienced thatchers who I have worked with many times over the years.  Otherwise I am the sole thatcher on your roof.

An example of a time constraint which happened to me wen the client wanted the thatching work to be finished in time for a royal wedding.  We finished in time!

It is not unusual of course, for some thatchers to be faster than others.  This is due to natural variation just as in sport or athletics.  What you need to be aware of is that speed is not achieved at the cost of correct technique.  I can explain this but I would need to use a diagram!

Getting a new thatch is one of the most important events in your life and there are many factors to consider. Talk to your thatcher about the material which will go on and the method of fixing. Most new thatches will look good when finished but you also want to know what it will look like in ten years' time. Cost will also be a consideration and I can say that I have always strived to keep prices competitive whilst providing quality.

If you need advice (including roof survey) or a quote please ring me on 07713614655

If I am on a roof somewhere ring Tony Lundy on 01925 212917